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Social Wifi


Having Social Wifi, your business becomes more popular.

Do you use a wireless network into your business? Now, with the application Social Wifi the advertisment is a Like away.

By connecting your ADSL modem with the equipment of Social WiFi a Like of the customer in your facebook fan page is enough to connect. When the customer click Like , he connected to the network. It targets Reastaurants, Cafe-Bars, Fitness Centers,Salons, Airports, Cineas, Music Scenes, Supermarkets, schools, Playgrounds, Patisseries etc. with the ability of 70 simultaneous connections in the basic version of the Social Wifi has come to offer:

  • Propagation of your facebook page
  • Attract and increase more facebook fans
  • Ability in organising contests (online και offline)
  • transfer the offline community into online
  • Easy internet access with pleasant way


They use it: