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Construstion of the online store e-stardust.com
Τhe website designed using the Opencart eCommerce platform and is responsive.

The Opencart provides modern mechanism of creation and product management of an online store. It offers a structure recognizable by search engines and a handy management environment, both for products and for customer orders from the site owner.

The online store, e-stardust.com, contains vendors selling handmade creations. It gives the visitor the opportunity to become either customer or vendor. The customer can compare the products that interest them from various vendors, and also can see all the creations of every seller and contact with each one individually. Each vendor can create his own account-profile and through the completion of a simple form to import the products with all the details concerning them. The order form is well designed to help the user to complete the purchases . The online store also contains a blog, through which the user can be informed about the latest announcements of the website and take part in competitions.

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